Exam Information

The content on this page will soon be updated with detailed 2017 exam information. In the meantime, please follow the links below to access some useful revision materials and general information on how we organise exams at Coombe Dean.

Exam information:

2017 GCSE Examination Timetable  – GCSE exam timetable

2017 GCE Examination Timetable  – GCE exam timetable

Year 11 Exam Season Assembly

https://www.powtoon.com/c/fEmtFRsBwVN/1/m – Year 11 Exams Assembly Presentation

Examination Information Booklet – 2017 – information on exam arrangements, regulations and exam results

Year 11 Revision Booklet – 2017 – guidance on planning revision and different ways of revising

Revision Checklist – adaptable documents to record progress in learning and revising to support target setting and checking

Revision Calendar – printable calendar for April – June to plot exams and basic revision structure