DofE Bronze Practice Expedition – Whitsands Bay

Over the weekend 30 Coombe Dean Bronze DofE participants successfully completed their practise two day expedition, this involved walking to Whitsands Bay from Mt Edgcumbe, where we camped out for the night. The following day the return journey was made, however this time it was unsupervised, with teams having to navigate for themselves.

All our students were a credit to themselves and the school in not only the way they acted and behaved but in the way they dealt with the combination of a heavy rucksack, rain and then sun! And the one or two hills on the route!

The assessed expedition will be taking place in the next few weeks, where I am sure they will do well.

A very big thank you to the following staff members who gladly gave up their weekend to help and without whom the DofE scheme within the school would not be able to operate: Ms Reineke,  Mrs Wallace Simpson, Miss Lindsay, Mr Bent, Sean L, Mrs Payne & Archie-the-Dog


S Payne

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