A German Christmas

Year 9 students have been learning this term about festivals as part of their preparation for their German GCSE.  Traditionally, Germany begins preparing for Christmas with the opening of Christmas markets and the smell of mixed spices and cinnamon in the air at the beginning of December. 

Students discovered how traditionally wreaths are used for the advent time by lighting a candle each Sunday for 4 weeks, how Christmas is celebrated on the 24th December with not Santa Claus but ‘the Christkind’ delivering the presents after evening mass.

They have had a look at reading fortunes for 2018 by watching videos of lead-pouring (Bleigießen) recorded at the home of Mr & Mrs K-L and understanding the celebrations for New Year’s eve and New Year’s day (SIlvester).

On the 6th December, the students had a visit from Saint Nikolaus and Krampus who had delivered some gifts for them during the previous night!


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