A Visitors Experience of Coombe Dean

Visitors to our school frequently remark on the friendliness, feeling of calm and the positive behaviour of our students. 

This is not the result of luck.  These qualities are evident to visitors because of the work that goes on here; our staff model kindness and consideration, teach life and relationship skills, and set high standards in areas like uniform, litter and what we call ‘corridor culture’, which is about practising care and respect as we move around the school.

In this context, I am delighted to share with you an email from someone who has put into words not just a general feeling, but the specific details of what makes Coombe Dean students so special:

“Good morning

I’m a volunteer mentor who comes weekly to the Inclusion unit to see a male student in year 9.

I just wanted to recognise the experience created by your students today as I came into the building. Between the front gate and reaching the Inclusion hub I encountered 5 specific acts of good manners, kind behaviour towards myself and general positive attitude. Doors being opened, people saying thank you to me etc etc. What makes it all the more special is that I’m quite short so the students can’t see me coming and “plan” their response to an adult/visitor. These were spontaneous and obviously inherent traits amongst your students.

As so often our young people and schools in general receive challenging comments about attitude and behaviour I thought taking the time to thank you all, but especially the students, would be one, of I’m sure many, good things to share with them and encourage them for.

Many thanks”

Well done to these role-model students, and thank you to our volunteer colleague who has gone out of their way to encourage us.


R Woodland

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