A Well Earned Half Term Break!

Pupils, Parents and Carers of Coombe Dean School,

It’s the end of what? End of term? Really? You mean to tell me we’ve got through a whole term of home learning already?

Well, it’s true. The sun will hopefully keep shining and we will now begin to enjoy a week of half term holiday. A much-needed rest, I hear you say.

We know it’s been tough; we know it’s been a juggle or a military operation (whichever best fits your household!); we know it’s tested us all…but we think it’s time to stop and think- you are (hopefully) unscathed and therefore you should be congratulated!

As a member of the teaching staff at Coombe Dean School, I have been personally impressed, if not overwhelmed, by the messages of support, enquiring emails and levels of work received. We know that not every single piece of work has been completed; we appreciate that households are busy with parents working and children (of all ages) being more interested in other things. We do also know that you have really tried though and we want to thank you for that.

After this half term week, we will enter Phase 4 of Home Learning where you will see further interactive approaches from our teaching and support staff. We have carefully considered the feedback provided by many of you and have designed the next phase taking this into account. We recognise that remote learning can be challenging and we are working at delivering some recorded materials for you all across the curriculum. It is so important that we recognise what pupils have been doing in Phase 3 and so we will look to practise retrieval, to assess pupils’ learning and to consolidate the year through various activities, starting with an ‘orientation week’ during the week commencing 1st June. We will also release a guide to Phase 4 and a plan for the half term on 2nd June.

So, please do take time over the course of this next week or so to unwind and to enjoy time together – please remember ‘everything is learning – we are all learning, all of the time’. Recharging those batteries is so important and keeping yourselves safe and well is absolutely vital.

On behalf of Coombe Dean School, THANK YOU for all your efforts and CONGRATULATIONS for completing this first full term. Enjoy the break and we look forward to Phase 4 beginning.

And remember, we’ll meet again…!


C Granville

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