An Excellent Start!

Dear parents and carers and pupils,

Many thanks for your overwhelming support in getting your children back to school this week.  This is especially impressive in light of all the things that we have had to adapt in view of the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our teachers and Behaviour Support Team have been implementing the Ready-to-Learn system, and this week we have been training pupils about what to expect so that they are in a position of full understanding as we begin to ‘go live’ in part next week.

Starting on 14th September, ClassCharts notifications will give you the information about positive and negative behaviour incidents – as usual – but it will also send you a notification if your son or daughter has been placed in the Reflection Room (for an hour only during this week) and would, therefore, be staying at school for an additional hour that day, once the system goes fully live on 21st September.  Note that for behaviour incidents during Period 5, it is likely that the sanction will be fully served during the next school day. 

The system will also notify you of the Red Card lunchtime detention – which is served during 20 mins of Break 2 (lunchtime) on the day following an incident. Note that food is served during Break 1 and Break 2, so pupils in Red Card detentions need to ensure they have food in Break 1.

We hope the first week will help you to have the conversations with your son / daughter in order to prevent them needing to spend time in the Reflection Room the week after.   This is the second learning stage.  

Please be in touch with the school if you anticipate any concerns.

If you require any support with ClassCharts, please contact:

Many thanks for your support in raising standards still further.

M Dennis

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