We were delighted to be joined again by Julia and Molly from Articulacy to work with a second cohort of students, this time from Year 8.  Over the course of the week, students worked on presentations about areas of interest and were supported in their work by Julia and Molly as well as by undergraduates from the University of Plymouth.  All of this work led to the English Speaking Board examination which took place on Friday. 

Students demonstrated their strengths and the results of working hard on their potential, much of which had been developed and enhanced over the course of the week and were able to stand in front of a small audience as well as an examiner representing the English Speaking Board to present a book, a poem and their chosen area of interest.  Molly who led the exam on Friday wrote a short bit of feedback:

‘Friday was a very successful exam day. All the students made a great effort and bought enthusiasm to their work.

A diverse range of subject matter was selected for the presentations and we all learnt so much about Pakistan, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, Cricket, Learning English and Running amongst many other topics.

One student’s enthusiasm and passion for Star Wars Lego caught us all up with his charm and energy. The group brought their books to life with their interpretations and use of vocal range to convey the emotion and various characters speaking.

It was a fabulous week and I can say my most enjoyable exam day, which the examiner also agreed with. We could happily have listened to each of the students talking longer as they really did bring so much enthusiasm’.

Well done to all students involved, we look forward to receiving the results in due course.


S Koehler-Lewis


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