@Bristol – Applied Learning Day

Who would have thought that Science could be so much fun?  As an English teacher, I wondered if I would be out of my depth in the land of light, reflection, weights, measures, and astronomy but I was thrilled to be part of the Year 9 trip to the interactive attraction @Bristol.  

My group were fabulous!  We started with a workshop investigating light and how it reacts in different environments.  Teams were given the opportunity to look at different models and their practical applications moving towards a feedback presentation to the whole group.  Everyone took part, and everyone learned something new on the day.

Next was our turn in the Planetarium, which was wondrous and informative at the same time.  Again, my group got involved in audience participation, showing their prior knowledge. All learned something about how planets and stars can be used to navigate, and how they have formed over time – or disappeared!

A great trip with enthusiastic young people who definitely benefitted from an out of school experience.

Thanks Year 9!


Melissa Dennis

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