Café Coombe Dean Menu

Week Commencing 06/07/2020

Grab Bags will contain the following items PLUS the additional item selected from the daily Menu:

Sweet Treat


Piece of Fruit

Fruit Yogurt

500ml of Water

Milk Based Drink


Salad Options contain the following:

The Salad Option Chosen

500ml Water

Fruit Yogurt

Sweet Treat

Piece of Fruit

Grab Bag Option AGrab Bag Option BSalad Option
MondayCheese and Ham Salad Sandwich


Egg & Cress SandwichHam & Egg Salad


TuesdaySouthern Fried Salad BurgerGoats Cheese and Beetroot  BurgerCheese and Tomato Pizzini Salad
WednesdayRoast Beef Salad Bun Spiced Falafal Salad BunCornish Pasty Salad

Spicy Cauliflower and Onion Bhaji Pasty (V)

ThursdayHam Salad SandwichCheese Savoury Salad SandwichTuna & Cucumber Crunch Salad
FridaySausage, Egg and Tomato Ketchup Brioche BunEgg and Tomato Salad SandwichSausage Roll Salad

Café Coombe Dean Price List