Café Coombe Dean Menu

Week Commencing 11/11/19

The Main MealThe Veggy TableHot Grab ‘n’ GoPanini Street EatsSweets & treats
MondayJacket potato with various fillingsJacket potatoSteak pasty
Pizza sub
Chicken temptation
Ham and cheese
Plain cheddar
Topped pastaChocolate brownie
TuesdayChicken curry with naan breadVegetable curry with naan breadSausage roll
Ham and cheese sub
Cheese and salamiTopped pastaJam sponge and custard
WednesdayRoast pork loin seasonal vegetablesCauliflower cheeseMeatball marinara
Pizza slice
Hot BLT baguette
Cheese and baconApple pie and custard
ThursdaySausage, mash and beans in a giant Yorkshire puddingVegetarian sausageHot dog
Pizza Sub
Chicken temptation
Cheese and ham
Plain cheddar
Topped pastaIce cream
FridayFish or sausage with chips and beans or peasMacaroni cheeseSausage rolls
Hot chicken baguette
Chilli cheeseFresh fruit salad
Selection of wraps, rolls, sandwiches, salads & fruit available daily

Café Coombe Dean Price List