Coombe Dean Star Interviews – November 2017

Jedd Evans – Sports Coach

  • When did you leave Coombe Dean

I left Coombe Dean in 2011.

  • What did you do immediately after leaving school?

I left Coombe Dean after my Year 11 GCSEs to complete my 6th form at Llandovery College in Wales. I had a scholarship to play rugby and complete my A- Levels (A- PE, C- Biology, D- IT).

  • What are you doing currently?

I just graduated from Swansea University, where I gained a first-class degree in Sports Science. I have been playing semi-professional rugby for Swansea RFC since I was 17 – and still am (Aged 21 now). I’m currently waiting to start a Sports Intern job/PGCE in September back at Llandovery College. I am a Level 2 rugby coach were I have volunteered with a Under-15 rugby side for four years.

  • What was the highlight of your time at Coombe Dean – and why?

The highlights of my time at Coombe Dean were the activities weeks in Years 7-9. They were great fun and provided an opportunity to try something new with your mates!

  • What part did the school play in shaping the person you are now?

The school played a massive part in my develop as a person. All of the teachers were very supportive in helping me balance my academic and sporting aspirations. 

  • What is the best bit of what you do now?

The best bit of what I do now is that I get to play a high standard of rugby whilst progressing in my aspirations to become a PE teacher.

  • If you were to return to school now, what would you do differently (if anything?)

I don’t think there is anything different I would do if I were to return to school. I made some good, and some bad decisions – which ultimately made me the person I am today. I would not change that for the world.

  • What advice would you offer current students?

My advice would be to try as many thing as possible in all aspects of life, and give 100% effort to those things in-order to give yourself a greater chance of finding something you will love to do – whether that be sporting or career wise.

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