Core PE and Wellbeing Activities

Being physically active is vitally important, now more than ever.  Our physical and mental well-being are the most important factors when it comes to fighting a disease that has not shown to be discriminatory. In order to give ourselves the best possible chance of fighting not only Covid-19 but also other diseases, specifically those that are fuelled by long periods of inactivity, we must utilise and take advantage of Physical Education – it has never been more significant.

Take a look at our video at the bottom of this post for advice on Core PE and Wellbeing activities.

The PE department would love to see how pupils have been keeping fit and healthy during Lockdown.  No matter how much or how little, all activity makes a massive difference to our mental health.  Many of you will have spent hours at your laptop working extremely hard on your home learning- you must use physical activity as your release!

From Monday 22nd June all pupils will be asked to track their Physical Activity via their Core PE Log- this can be found on Classcharts.  It is our goal to champion as many of you as we can for your engagement in physical activity outside of school and we would like to share this with the Coombe Dean community. If you are willing to share a photo of you taking part in exercise, whether it be you playing sport with your family, taking part in home workouts or simply taking your dog out for a walk, that would be fantastic. All you need to do is upload it to your Classcharts with your activity log.  A week later we would like to share with you what the staff of Coombe Dean have been doing in order to keep themselves fit and healthy, so keep your eyes peeled!

Your PE teacher will check ClassCharts on Sunday 5th July to read through your logs and award +10 for each submission and a further +20 for those who have included a photo of yourself working hard.  We know you are doing plenty anyway, so please keep a record and share the love!

Good Luck Coombe Dean!


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