Delightful (Cats) Tale!

You may remember the original story in January (, but it has since gained some famous attention…

We have a lovely pupil who is going on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ this morning to share the new news. We know Daniel H-D  lost his cherished cat, Casper, three years ago, and through the magic of ‘chipping’, was reunited this year. The story is so heart-warming however that Nick Park (of Wallace and Gromit fame) has created a Christmas animation on it; ‘Caspers Magical Journey’!

Daniel is a member of our Year 7 council, so is full of energy and ideas – just like his adventurous Casper – and will likely do really well during his interviews this morning because of his lively character.

The animation is due to air at 12pm today, with the interviews on ITV between 11am and 12pm, and Newsround too at some point today.

Hoping this story will bring children and animal lovers together during this challenging Christmas 🙂


N Hughes

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