DfE Performance Table Statement

The Department for Education has today published provisional information about exam results from the summer exams. 


We are very pleased with the outcomes achieved by students with the support of staff in all roles at Coombe Dean. They show a significant improvement in our GCSE and A-level results this summer.

The data currently displayed on the DfE performance tables is, at this stage, ‘unvalidated’ and is also incomplete.  Schools are given an opportunity to check the data that is published by the DfE in October. During this checking process, we discovered that several grades from one qualification were missing.  This does not affect students in any way, but it does affect the calculation of ‘headline measures’ such as Progress 8. We have made the DfE aware of their error and changes should be made when the performance tables are re-published in January 2020.

We expect to see a further improvement in the progress made by our GCSE students after the DfE correct the error.


S Koehler-Lewis

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