Exciting Rewards!

The start of the new academic year brings with it the launch of a tool that we very much hope will both enable, and help you to keep up-to-date with, three significant areas of your child’s / your children’s education.

Within the next few days, your child should bring home an envelope containing login details, and individual parent access code for Classcharts.  This system is available via any Internet-connected computer, or as an App on your mobile device.  Please keep your information confidential.  The access code will enable you to set-up a free account with ClassCharts – and keep track of the following three areas of their education:

  1. Behaviour – this behaviour score breakdown will enable you to see the points awarded each day for positive reasons, as well as points allocated where students fall short of expectations
  2. Attendance – the website will allow you to get an up-to-date breakdown of attendance to school
  3. Homework – we refer to homework as ‘Independent Learning’. You will be able to see any tasks set each week by teachers – for completion by students as part of their independent learning.

Once you receive the login details, please follow the steps detailed in the guide, and explore the information provided.  If you would find a step-by-step guide to setting up an account useful, please follow the link:

ClassCharts Guide.pdf

Included in the envelope will also be a login guide for your child(ren). Please pass this to them so that they can access the same information, and the school shop, to cash-in on their reward points.

If you have any questions about logging into Classcharts, please contact Mrs McDowall at the school on 01752 485427. Any other questions regarding ClassCharts, please refer to Mr Hughes on 01752 485455.


S Koehler-Lewis
Deputy Headteacher

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