Feedback from Consultation on Introducing a 10 Minute Registration

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation about introducing a 10-minute morning registration. Whilst I am not able to reply individually to every point raised I have read and considered every email that was sent in. Furthermore, I have listened to the opinions of staff and students in school and run two Parents’ Focus Groups to explore the issue.

The following themes were clear:

  1. Most people were in favour of the school day starting with a tutor session;
  2. However, it was felt that 10 minutes of tutor time in the morning was too short;
  3. Most people would prefer to see the day lengthened by 10 minutes overall than to shorten lunchtime;
  4. From a parental perspective it would be better if lunchtime was earlier in the day.

As a result of this feedback I have put forward an alternative model, as shown below, to staff. The feedback from them is that they are in favour of these new timings.

  • 0840 – 0900    Tutor/Assembly
  • 0900 – 1000    Period 1
  • 1000 – 1100    Period 2
  • 1100 – 1120    Break
  • 1120 – 1220    Period 3
  • 1220 – 1320    Period 4
  • 1320 – 1400    Lunch
  • 1400 – 1500    Period 5

This would allow for a 20-minute morning tutorial without any need to change the overall length of the school day. It is a model already in place at a number of our partner schools with whom we share post-16 teaching. This is the reason why, at present, we cannot move our lunchtime earlier – to do so would be far too disruptive to our post-16 consortium teaching arrangements.

Some students and parents may be worried about the loss of our ‘split lunch’ arrangements, which have proved popular with students. We will continue to work hard to ensure that we offer all students a high-quality eating, and recreational experience over lunchtime. I am confident this can be achieved due to a number of other factors:

  • We will be able to use the New Hall as an additional indoor dining/recreation area
  • The new biometrics cashless system will speed-up food service
  • Our tennis courts are being refurbished, over the summer, and so we will have additional outdoor recreational space

If you would like to raise any points about the new proposal, then please email by 9am on Friday 15 June with ‘Morning Tutorials’ as the subject line.


Richard Woodland

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