Focus on New Member of Staff – Mr Pearce

Mr Pearce, one of our Network Team, is celebrating the successful completion of five examinations in his Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship.  His studies cover areas such as cloud services, networking, coding, businesses processes and disaster recovery.  However, the heart of his role is problem solving and helping other people to use technology to do their own jobs well – and this is his favourite part of the job.

When I asked him what led to the choice of IT for a career, Mr Pearce had a moving and important story to tell.

You could say that IT has always been a part of Mr Pearce’s life.  His father ran his own computer business, and IT was an interest that they shared.  At seven years old, a very young Mr Pearce was building his first computer – and he says that he always knew his father would have loved him to work with computers as a career.

Sadly, Mr Pearce’s father passed away in 2007.

Before starting his apprenticeship, Mr Pearce was a student at Coombe Dean – but he admits that he did not always do his best in his studies; he could have achieved higher grades at GCSE and he found it difficult to settle down to A Level work.  However, the support he received from Coombe Dean staff eventually helped him to find the career that he now enjoys very much.

In Year 10 he did his work experience at Coombe Dean in the Network Team.  He made a great impression.  While he was in Year 13, an IT apprenticeship role came up at Coombe Dean.  With the support and encouragement of Mr Gorvin, Mr Pearce applied and was successful.

Working as part of the Network Team continues the story that began with a very young child being inspired to build his first computer by his father – and it is Mr Pearce’s ideal job: he loves solving problems; he is fascinated by computers, and he has great people skills.

He says, ‘About 80% of the job is dealing with people.  Often colleagues are upset and frustrated when they experience IT problems that stop them getting on with their jobs.  It’s a good feeling to solve their problems and I always make sure that I am calm, friendly and positive – that’s really important and can make all the difference with relationships.’

What’s the hardest part of the job?  ‘The hardest part of the job is that you never know what sort of problem will need solving.  It could be setting up IT for five different events or it could be a serious problem with the server that needs the whole team to act quickly.  But never knowing is also one of the best parts of the job.’

Although he has passed all his formal examinations, Mr Pearce’s studies are not over yet; he has coursework to complete and a 10-hour controlled assessment.  ‘I’m studying harder than I ever have in my life – because I want this,’ he says.

We wish him all the best as he works towards well-deserved success.


R Woodland

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