Get the Facts About Vulnerable and Critical Worker Children

Dear parents, carers and students,

Once again, we would like to thank you for all your support with remote learning and with supervised remote learning in school.

To those of you who are not sure, we thought it would be useful to explain that the in-school provision is being run by the Year Team Leaders with support from the SEN Team, and various other support staff. This is so that teachers can continue to deliver quality home learning resources. The idea in school is that students use the same resources as those at home and tune in where there are live lessons. The provision is the same as students would get at home. We wanted this to be clear so that there is no sense of advantage or disadvantage for any of our students.

There have been a number of changes made in guidance and we want to keep you updated as much as possible and protect our in-school provision as much as we can, rather than take teachers away from their classes and lessons. Attached is the most recent guide from the DfE. The important principle we are working with is that everyone who can, should stay at home to protect themselves, and the NHS. Vulnerable students should attend the provision and we wish to support students of key workers.

We have seen increasing numbers booking in to the provision and, whilst we wish to give places to all learners that need it, we need to recognise that absence may begin to impact on our ability to increase numbers on site and may impact the remote learning offer.

Please work with us to ensure we protect the learning of all young people.

Many thanks,

M Dennis
Deputy Head

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