Gifts from Germany

Upon our return from our Christmas break we found a very large parcel in reception addressed to Year 8b German.  We were very excited as we discovered this parcel was sent by our partner school class 7B from Chemnitz in Germany where one of our past students spent the third year of her language degree at Exeter University as a Language Assistant.  The class 7B and the Year 8 students are currently in their second year of learning each other’s languages and have been writing to each other. 

Inside our bursting parcel our German penfriends had not only included some new letters containing questions they had had about the way we celebrate Christmas (Germans celebrate on Christmas Eve with a slightly different tradition to ours which they wanted to share), but we also received a CD full of German Christmas songs, some tunes which we recognised, homemade Stollen made by Bradley’s penfriend, biscuits, both bought and homemade, which we couldn’t wait to taste.  Also within our goodies we found chocolate, gingerbread houses and many more delicious tasting Christmas cookies.  They also included a talisman to keep the Christmas spirits away and beautiful wooden carvings of the crib and a smoking house.

We were very impressed, and are currently thinking of what we can share with them in return!  Danke aus Plymouth Klasse 7B! 

V Koehler-Lewis

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