Important Change to the Coombe Dean School Uniform

Dear Parents & Carers,

I am writing to tell you about an important change to the Coombe Dean school uniform, which we are introducing from September 2020.  We believe this change will bring real improvements and we are keen to share it with you.

At Coombe Dean, we set the highest possible standards and we believe that smart, appropriate uniform is an important way in which we show those standards.  We want our young people to feel comfortable wearing their school uniform and to wear it with pride.

In particular, we wanted to improve our skirt, ensuring that it is appropriate for a place where learning, character-building and preparation for the world of work are our foci.  We wanted to ensure that our young people can feel comfortable in our school uniform skirt, without experiencing unfair pressures related to fashion or worrying about length.

We have consulted widely with parents, students, staff and governors and – with their help – we have chosen a smart new school skirt.  This will be the only skirt that students are permitted to wear in Years 7 to 11.  One important benefit of this rule is that parents will have a clear uniform standard, making it much easier to support the school when shopping for uniform or when checking uniform at the start of the school day.

The new school skirt can be purchased through Trutex, our main school uniform provider.  They have been working hard to generate an online order service and are now in a position to take orders.  For Year 7 students, they are offering a booking system for visiting the shop and trying on items.  Please contact them on:

Plymouth School Uniforms | Trutex Schoolwear

Students can still choose to wear trousers instead of the school skirt as long as the trousers are tailored, formal, pressed, full-length, plain black trousers and they cover the ankles / socks.  (They should not cling nor be made from stretch fabric. Denim material and/or jeans material are not acceptable.)

This may seem like a small change; but it is an important one.  It will result in greater consistency and fairness; students and their parents and carers will feel under less pressure to choose something that is fashionable rather than practical, and we will be even better able to focus on our real business – teaching and learning.

We are letting you know about this important change as early as possible in order for you to prepare in good time. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Inclusion Team in the first instance, via

Many thanks for your ongoing support for our drive to improve standards. 


M Dennis

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