Important Curriculum Review Survey

‘Children need powerful knowledge to understand and interpret the world. Without it they remain dependent upon those who have it.’ 

Despite the various challenges that we face as a school community, we are keen to undertake a full review of our curriculum from Years 7 right the way through to Year 13.  The key elements that are being reviewed during the current stage of the curriculum review are:

  • The length of key stages 3&4

We currently operate a three-year key stage 4 meaning that students currently make their GCSE choices in Year 8 to start their GCSE courses in Year 9.  The review will consider whether this is a model we wish to keep, or whether we wish to revert to a model that sees a wider range of subjects experienced through years 7, 8 and 9.

  • The subjects that students are able to experience and learn

We have made some changes to the range of subjects that students study in recent years.  A review of the curriculum presents an opportunity to identify whether there are some subject areas that would be valued as an addition to or in place of aspects of our existing curriculum.

Further aspects that will be considered as part of the review will include the detail of what we teach and how this is sequenced (in other words, when it is taught) and how this is communicated to our wider school community.   

To support us in conducting the review, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to contribute your views by completing the following parent survey.  You may wish to talk with your child or children to inform your responses.  We will be conducting student focus groups on this same theme as part of the review too.  We won’t respond to the comments you make in the survey, but will read each set of responses as part of our review.  If there are particular aspects that you raise that we would like to explore further with you, we may make contact.

Thank you in anticipation of your contribution to this survey and thus to the curriculum review.

The survey will close on Friday 18th December at 3pm.


S Koehler-Lewis

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