Important Update for Years 11, 12 and 13 Regarding Exam Results

A quick update for parents and students that don’t access messages on the Year 11 Exams Facebook Page or the Post-16 Centre Page or haven’t perhaps been given the highlights from your child/children. After what has been an ‘interesting’ few days in the world of education and exams, at the time of writing, I can confirm we continue to prepare for the following:

Year 12 and 13

Most exams boards have confirmed that they will release final A level and AS level grades to us today (Wednesday). We will aim to distribute these to student school email addresses as soon as we have conducted the GCSE download (we can distribute these today because the information has already been distributed). Year 12 and 13 students have been sent their CAGs (Centre Assessed Grades) yesterday and the final grade they will receive today should be the higher of their CAG or the calculated grade following the government’s change of plans on Monday afternoon.

Year 11

Most exam boards have confirmed that they will release GCSE exam results to us today (Wednesday). These are embargoed until 8am on Thursday when we intend to send them to student school email addresses. The one exception we are aware of are the grades for Creative iMedia which will be released as CAGs on Thursday and then as final results on Tuesday 25th August.

Below I include what I have written to Year 12 and 13 students along with their CAGs today and what I am planning to write to Year 11 students on Thursday. Please do make use of the Facebook Pages – Year 11 Exam Support Group and Post 16 Centre and refer to the exam information page, also linked below.
NB. Due to the number of changes of late, the exam information page does contain some information that is related to previous arrangements for exams.

Letter to Year 12/13 accompanying CAGs

Release of Year 11 Results on Thursday

I do confess to have had a challenging few days, I don’t doubt this is the case in many of your households too. On that note, I send you and your children my very best wishes.


S Koehler-Lewis

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