Information Regarding a Potential Partial or Wider Closure of the School

Please find linked below a narrated briefing that Tutors have been asked to share with their tutees this week along with a remote learning guide in the case that we have to revert to remote learning for one or more year groups at any point due to a positive case of Covid-19 or on Public Health advice:

Coronavirus Briefings

Remote Learning Guide 2020-21

Please familiarise yourselves with the guide and keep a copy electronically to refer to should it be needed.  The remote learning guide covers:

  1. Why we are publishing a Remote Learning guide when the school is open fully
  2. The key principles of Remote Learning – what to expect
  3. What the government has set out in terms of the process for school closures, its expectations and how we will respond
  4. What surveys have shown about the national experience of remote learning in the summer term 2020
  5. How best to provide support and structure for Remote Learning
  6. How best to get more involved if you are keen and able to
  7. Additional resources that are available

As you are no doubt aware, the possibility of further lockdowns remains hanging over us and the requirement for the provision of online learning capabilities is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  We hope these key pieces of information have made things clear should we find ourselves in this position.

Additionally, some changes have been made this week to try and improve access to testing for children in Plymouth schools. 

If parents or carers are unable to book a local slot then they can email: explaining that the test is for a child attending a Plymouth school. We’ve set up an additional local testing site this week in Plymouth, with the fantastic support of our partners at Livewell. The CCG team will triage those families with children and adults with symptoms and book them in for a test and provide information on how to get to the site. A priority is given to key worker parents, to help support the local key worker workforce and get staff back to work.

Stay safe.


S Koehler-Lewis and C Granville

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