Invigilation Award

Teaching staff spend many hours preparing students for exams but all that hard work could be undone if the same amount of care and dedication are not applied inside the exam hall. When you do an exam, once you enter the exam hall you are ‘under exam conditions’.  This means that you, and every other student in the country taking that exam, have to abide by a very strict set of rules and regulations. If you break the rules, or we as a school don’t apply those rules, then the consequences can be very serious and long-lasting.

You may not be aware that the Exams Department is the biggest in the school in terms of manpower – one Examinations Officer plus 17 invigilators! It’s this team that work very hard to make sure that you have a fair and equal chance to demonstrate your ability in an exam and gain the mark you deserve.

We are very proud to announce that 13 of our invigilators have become the first in the UK or worldwide to complete the level 2 IQ Standard Invigilation award.  This is the first of three new bespoke awards for the exam community accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ), aiming to raise the standards of exam invigilation.

So, as we are the first to pass this then we have the highest standards in the country.  We wouldn’t expect anything else from Coombe Dean!

Representatives from the Examination Officers’ Association and IQ will be coming to Coombe Dean shortly to present certificates.

I would like to extend my congratulations to the team.  They have always been entirely professional and dedicated but now they have finally been given the recognition that they thoroughly deserve.


G Chapman


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