Key Stage 2 Multi Skills Festival

The Key Stage 2 Multi Skills Festival held at Coombe Dean School on Wednesday 19th October was a jam packed, fun filled event attended by Oreston, Wembury, Pomphlett, Elburton and Cathedral St Mary’s.

Activities were based around running, jumping and throwing, which challenged the children to develop their skills further.  We mixed the schools up so the children had a chance to make new friends and work cooperatively in new teams.

Coombe Dean leaders from Year 9 GCSE PE groups (Jim, Emily, Mia, Josh, Robyn, Ethan, Riley, Ryan, Sam, Abbie, Jess and Lloyd), and Year 12 BTEC PE (Beth, Abi, Amy, Ruby, Oz, Leo, Cameron, Troy, Dylan, Kat, Miguel, Ellen and Emily) provided the support and encouragement, and  our silver sports ambassadors (Abbie, Beth and Amy) led from the top to organise and lead a really successful morning.

Multi skills stars were identified by the leaders:

Tilly from Oreston in the Hurdles ‘was really flying’; Jack from Pomphlett at the ladders ‘worked really hard’; Amelie from Oreston was ‘determined’; Mirat from Wembury was ‘trying really hard’; Maja from St Marys ‘didn’t give up’, and Grace from Elburton was ‘really fast at getting around the obstacle course’.

Big thanks to Coombe Dean students for their help in supporting Primary school events.  If you would like to become involved in sports leadership, please see Mrs Sutherland or Mrs Walpole in the PE Department.

J Walpole

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