Leo’s Environmental Project

When Leo G, Year 8, was invited to participate in the Bright Ideas challenge from Shell UK, it didn’t take him long to work out which of the world’s problems he would like to solve…

As a huge animal lover, Leo says he doesn’t distinguish between species and feels that all animals need consideration. That to him, means worldwide.

“I really care about animals so wanted to think of something that would help all animals and humans wherever they are in the world”

What else is more ubiquitous on this planet than its atmosphere? This was Leo’s starting point, and by using research and creativity, he devised a system that would not only filter the earth’s atmosphere, but would also convert the waste into two products: water and bio-fuel, which when sold, would generate revenue to fund the project.

This wasn’t the end of the project however; the standard aircraft required would have completely eliminated any progress that the filtering would have made – so he sourced a company that builds electric powered aircraft, and utilised wind turbine technology to power them!

Now all Leo needs is someone with the resources to get behind his idea…

Well done Leo. Keep up the good work towards a more sustainable world!


N Hughes

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