Look After Yourself; Look After Your Family

This advice, from the Educational Psychology Service at Plymouth City Council, is designed to give you some support over the coming days and weeks:

Psychology Service – Coronavirus Looking after yourself looking after your children

As we all know, looking after our mental health at a time such as this – which is characterised by uncertainty – is a challenge, and one we must take on to role model for the next generation how to manage in difficult circumstances.

The metaphor of ‘putting on your own oxygen mask first’ before taking care of your nearest and dearest is very valuable.  You cannot support others if you have not, first, considered your own needs.

Within this guide, there is lots of useful information about ways to maintain a healthy mindset and some pragmatic advice, with practical examples of ways to manage ‘home school’.  There are also many links to services which can provide additional help.

Our biggest piece of advice would be to stay calm, measured and encouraging.  You may not get every single piece of work completed, but your commitment to try to support your child in doing so is what matters.  We will ensure that we interleave learning and identify gaps upon our return to work.

Be kind to yourself; you are undoubtedly doing a great job!


M Dennis



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