Parent Information For Supporting Attendance

Thank you once again for all you are doing to support us in getting back to the business of education for your children. It has been a challenging time for everyone and your continued efforts to encourage your children is appreciated.

Our attention is now turned to improving attendance. There are compelling reasons for this.

If children are here, they do well.  Our results year on year show us this.

Children with 95+% outperform others:

Attendance SISRA 2021/20 (projected) 2019 /20 2018 /19 
RED -0.85-0.27-0.87
AMBER +0.24+0.44-0.15
GREEN +0.36+0.88+0.35

On Monday evening, the Year Team Leaders worked with tutors to launch our Attendance plan. Each tutor will work with three students whose attendance we would like to improve. Our hope is that students will see how important and impactful good attendance is.

The attached guide is for your information as this may be used as a part of this intervention. It provides advice for parents as a part of this process: Emotionally Based School Refusal Guide for Students, Parents and Carers

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor if you have any questions or would like further support.


M Dennis

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