Pupil Contributions Towards Plymstock Community Forum

Alyssa G, Maisie K, Luca S and Liam L were invited to represent Coombe Dean School pupils who live in the Plymstock area at a Plymstock Community Forum. They were joined by pupils from other local schools and representatives from the police and community groups.  The meeting was chaired by John Stephens (UK Parliament Teacher Ambassador and previous Headteacher of Goosewell Primary School). Mr Stephens reported that:

“The children, young people and adults engaged brilliantly with each other to help understand the good things about Plymstock and things that worry or cause them concern. The full feedback from the children and young people is listed below.

The main priorities the children and young people wish to explore further were agreed as:

  • Having safe and welcoming indoor and outdoor places to meet with friends during holidays and weekends. One suggestion was to find out if a vacant unit on The Broadway could be used for children and young people to meet up with friends, play computer games, have a coffee etc.  This could also be a place where young people could receive expert advice and support for any concerns
  • Improving local play parks that have become neglected e.g. Southernway Park next to Dunstone School and to build a play park in the Staddiscombe area. Other parts of Plymstock and the city seem to have better play park facilities
  • Making sure the local community is safe and tidy e.g. better lighting in the parks and to keep the streets litter-free
  • Having large noticeboard style maps of Plymstock showing places of interest to encourage people to visit them e.g. parks, walks, clubs, activity places etc.”

It was a pleasure for me to meet with our ambassadors after the meeting, and hear their plans to take some of these ideas forward as part of the community forum.


R Woodland

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