STEM Event

26th May 2017 (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

EDT (Engineering Development Trust) kindly invited some of our Year 7 and 8 students to participate in a STEM event held at Plymouth University. 

The day was designed to excite and enlighten the students on how STEM is fun, interesting and results in a rewarding career. Throughout the day STEM curriculum enrichment was given through offering hands-on activities and providing valid information regarding the vast opportunities and careers available within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The students were given the experience of sitting in one of the lecture theatres at Plymouth University to watch a presentation, before being split up into 5 small groups in order to work on 2 practical activities.

The first activity was a Trebuchet Tournament, which gave students the opportunity to create their own trebuchet using various plastic connect objects and a small weight. After spending time building, testing and restructuring their model all students were put to the test and judged by the EDT staff. Due to their hard work and determination, one of our Year 7 groups (Jiselle D-F, Isla S, Roan W and Fahad A-K) won the tournament!

The second activity was a Cyber Detectives task which required students to decrypt information about a ‘crime’, in order to piece together the information and come to a final decision. This time one of our Year 8 groups (Ria A, Meris W and Olivia W) won the activity!

All students involved were positively engaged and enjoyed the day, and this brilliant atmosphere was topped off by Coombe Dean winning both activities! Well done, you were a credit to the school.

L Entwistle & S Cunningham

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