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Plymouth City College kindly invited some of our Year 9 students to join them for the day for a Young Women into STEM day.

Located at the College’s Kings Road campus, the facility is led by a dedicated team of STEM experts.  The day was designed to capture and excite the imagination of young people and promote interest in the vast range of career paths and options available to Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians.

The Centre offers state of the art equipment including:

  • A fully immersive theatre featuring 3D projection and surround sound
  • 30 iPads loaded with educational applications
  • A modern demonstration area equipped with a 60-inch touch screen television to enable greater interactivity
  • A laboratory with multi-purpose, custom-built workstations for practical sessions
  • A multimedia studio equipped with 10 pod-style workstations.

After a warm welcome, the students were placed into two separate Workshop groups, which covered the following:

  • Electrical – learning how to make an electrical circuit by using the correct wires and subsequently lighting up a bulb
  • Media – making models with Lego and Play Dough, capturing timelines using a camera, framing (using eight frames) to make a picture story.
  • Science – A talk and film were shown based on Forensic Science, explaining how our psychology impacts on our photographic memories
  • Computing – Students were placed into teams and taught how to programme a Sphero, (small robot) using an iPad to enter and programme co-ordinates independently. This enabled them to make various shapes ie triangles and squares on the floor, and subsequently race each other along a circuit consisting of obstacles and ramps
  • Bricklaying – After ‘gowning up’, the girls were given an introduction to bricklaying. They were then given the task of building a pyramid wall, which they evidently enjoyed and successfully built
  • Painting & Decorating – Again having gowned up, the students participated in painting their own specialised artwork using sponges, cloths and masking tape.

STEM – Students were introduced to CAD (Computer Aided Design).  They were given step-by-step instructions on how to make a 3D model of a house from scratch.  By using and making their own co-ordinates, they were able to produce excellent ‘fly around’ videos of their individual houses.

Roger Gibbs, STEM Ambassador, gave a talk on the types of careers available within STEM, and a quiz was held which enabled students to identify what types of jobs matched their individual personalities.

The day was a total success; the students were positively engaged and enthusiastic in all activities.  Thank you to all the students who attended – you were a credit to yourselves and the school.

S Cunningham & H Millman

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