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Subject Leader: N Thomas

Deputy Subject Leader: D Snow

Subject Team: C Granville, P Crawford, H Davidson and W Lintell


General subject statement:

To fully prepare students for the skills needed for GCSE English Literature/Language

Key Stage 3:

Year 7:

Term 1-2: Initial formal assessment, followed by Literary Fiction and class novel
Term 3-4: Literary non-fiction, and poetry
Term 5-6: Introduction to Shakespeare/Media

Year 8Term 1-2: Literary fiction/Poetry, followed by AQA reading and writing assessment
Term 3-4: Literary non-fiction followed by class novel
Term 5-6: Media/Shakespeare

*All students to be assessed by AQA key stage three assessment

Key Stage 4:

Year 9:

Term 1-2: Poetry anthology: Poetry and unseen poetry. Lit fiction, using a model text to annotate
Term 3-4: 19th Century novel/Literary non-fiction
Term 5-6: GCSE Shakespeare – Macbeth/ Prose text

Year 10:Term 1-2: Literature Paper 2, Section A. Language, paper 1, sections A and B
Term 3-4: Literature paper 2, section A – Macbeth. Language paper 2
Term 5-6: Literature, paper 1/19th C novel. June mock exams
Year 11:Term 1-2: 2 weeks – poetry cluster. Five weeks, Blood Brothers. Mock exam in first week, following half term. Lit, paper 2, plus mock in last week of autumn term
Term 3-4: Revision of Literature, paper 2, followed by a mock exam
Term 5-6: Preparation for exams

Key Stage 5:

Year 12:

Full year – Aspects of Tragedy: The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman, Othello and poetry of John Keats, followed by exam.

Year 13:Social and Political Writing/Revision of Year 12, Aspects of Tragedy

Examining board – AQA: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/english

Useful website links:

Curriculum Intent Organisers:

To set out the intent of our curriculum for each subject and each unit of knowledge, we produce Curriculum Intent Organisers (CIOs). The following links lead to the CIO section of our website where this intent can be explored by year group:

Year 7 – https://www.coombedean.co.uk/curriculum-intent-year-7-english/

Year 8 – https://www.coombedean.co.uk/curriculum-intent-year-8-english-2/

Year 9 – https://www.coombedean.co.uk/curriculum-intent-year-9-english-2/

Year 10 – https://www.coombedean.co.uk/curriculum-intent-year-10-english-2/

Year 11 – https://www.coombedean.co.uk/curriculum-intent-year-11-english-2/