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Subject Leader: Abi Wright

Subject Team: K Green, S Green and V Twine

General subject statement:

Empowering students with the capability to enquire and explore local, national and global issues, and heighten their understanding of the important link between human living and the physical world.

KS3 – Years 7&8

Subject statement: To explore key concepts and processes in a range of geographical locations whilst equipping students with key geographical skills needed to progress further with Geography

Overview of Topics Covered:

Year 7

Term Scheme of Work
Autumn 1 Tectonics (S. America)
Autumn 2 UK Maps
Spring 1 Antarctica
Spring 2 Weather
Summer 1 Oceans + Devon (Beach/Aquarium fieldtrip)
Summer 2 Over run of topics. Reflection. Assessment

Year 8

Term Scheme of Work
Autumn 1 Africa
Autumn 2 Dartmoor
Spring 1 Middle East Conflict
Spring 2 Asia
Summer 1 Oceania
Summer 2 Over run of topics. Reflection/assessment

Each Scheme of Work consists of the following:

  • Outline sheet
  • Mid and Post Topic Review Sheets
  • Skill Assessment Sheets
  • Reflection opportunities
  • End of topic skill test
  • Homework Task

KS4 – Years 9-11

Subject statement: Providing diverse and engaging geographical content that is relevant to our world today. There is a focus on opportunities and issues facing the world in a variety of contexts, with a key emphasis on sustainability.

Exam board: AQA

Overview of Topics Covered:

Year 9 (3x lessons per week) 9 10 11
Autumn 1 Introduction Lesson. Skill Test
Natural Hazards (6 weeks)
Physical Landscapes in the UK (2 weeks)
Coastal Landscapes (6 weeks)
Ecosystems (2 weeks)
Tropical Rainforests (6 weeks)
Autumn 2 Natural Hazards: Tropical Storms (4 weeks)
Extreme weather in the UK (3 weeks)
Finish Coastal Landscapes (2 weeks)
Start River Landscapes (7 weeks)
Hot or Cold Environments (5 weeks)
Start Economic World (2 weeks)
Spring 1 Climate Change Global and UK (4 weeks) Urban Issues and Challenges Changing Economic World (6 weeks)
Spring 2 Resource Management Urban Issues and Challenges Changing Economic World (6 weeks)
Summer 1 Resource Management Fieldwork Investigation DME pre release
Summer 2 Resource Management Fieldwork Investigation


Year 10 (3x lessons per week) 10 11
Autumn 1 Natural Hazards (8 Weeks) Ecosystems (8 weeks)
Autumn 2 Finish Natural Hazards (1 week)
Urban Issues and Challenges (4 weeks)
Finish Ecosystems (1 week)
Challenge of Resource Management (7 weeks)
Spring 1 Urban Issues and Challenges cont. (6 weeks) Changing Economic World (6 Weeks)
Spring 2 Physical Landscapes of the UK (6 weeks) Changing Economic World (5 weeks)
Summer 1 Physical Landscapes (4 weeks) DME work pre release (3 weeks)
Revision (3 weeks)
Summer 2 Fieldwork planning, preparation, visits and write up (5 weeks)

Exam Information (Nature of Assessment):

3 exams
Paper 1 : Living with the physical environment (35%)
Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment (35%)
Paper 3: Geographical applications (30%) Linked to fieldwork.

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KS5 – Years 12-13

Subject statement: develop an understanding of geographical concepts and processes, recognise the challenges of sustainability and the implications for their own and others’ lives, and develop geography skills through classroom teaching and fieldwork.
Exam board: Edexcel

Year 12:
Year 13:

Overview of Topics Covered

Year 12:
Term 1

  1. Miss Wright: To prepare for Paper 1 (50%)
  2. Area of study 1, Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards
  3. Area of study 1, Topic 2: Landscape Systems, Processes and Change – including optional  sub-topics from which students choose one from two: 2A: Glaciated Landscapes and Change  or 2B: Coastal Landscapes and Change
  4. Mrs Twine: To prepare for Paper 2 (50%)
  5. Area of study 2, Topic 3: Globalisation
  6. Area of study 2, Topic 4: Shaping Places – including optional sub-topics from which students choose one from two: 4A Regenerating Places or 4B Diverse Places
  7. Term 2: Fieldwork and write up. Revision

Year 13:

VIT (2 lessons/wk) AW (3 lessons/wk)
Autumn term Energy (unit 3)
Biodiversity under threat (unit 3)
Superpowers (unit 3)
Development (unit 3)
Tech fix (unit 3)
Spring Start unit 4 (causes)
Unit 4- physical impacts of the landscape
Tech fix cont’d
Unit 4: human issues and management
Summer Revision
Prep of preleased information
Prep of preleased information

Exam Information (Nature of Assessment)

Year 12:
Paper 1: Topic 1/2
Paper 2: Topic 3/4
Each paper is 1hr 45 and 90 marks

Year 13:
Unit 3: Contested Planet.  Examined on all of the above. 2-hour-and-30-minute examination in two sections. Students will be asked to select and answer two questions from five in Section A and all questions in Section B. Section A: A choice of two short essay questions from five. Section B (Synoptic Investigation): One question with three parts. 60% of A2
Unit 4: Geographical Research. 1 hour and 30 minute examination. Candidates will be given a list of questions based on the six options. Candidates will select and answer one question that relates to the option they have studied. 40% of A2

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