Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Our Year 9 Parents’ Evening is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd March, 3.30-6.15pm.  Appointments will be available for

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Year 9 Boys Shine at Tor Bridge!

The Year 9 boys got their Central Venue underway at Tor Bridge this week. They have set a very high

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A Sporting Visit from Our Primary School Friends

Our Year 9 sports leaders from Mrs Lidington’s CNAT Sport group were tasked with entertaining 80 Key Stage 1 primary

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Year 9 Basketball Has Begun!

The Coombe Dean Year 9 Team is fortunate to have many highly skilled and experienced players, many with experience through

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A Letter from Proud Parents

“I am writing to inform you that on Sunday 29th September 2019, three of your students, along with friends and

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