The Christmas Spirit of Giving

Thank you so much for your support so far with the Christmas ShoeBox appeal. There will be pictures soon on our social media but this has been the best year yet for donations, with well over 100 gift boxes being prepared. Wonderful!

Naturally for some of the following events, we need to consider the safest way to conduct these activities under COVID restrictions, so they are all going to take place in Year Group bubbles.

  • Week commencing 7th December – we are holding a Xmas Karaoke performance singalong event.
    We will be using the area behind the Fitness Suite so that we can stand there, and children can be on the car park area so that they are distanced appropriately. This will be for a year group a day, starting with Year 7 so we do not mix bubbles. Children will be encouraged to sing along with some Xmas classics. They will need to wear masks if singing, to reduce risk of infection.
    At the end of that week, the 11th December is National Xmas Jumper Day.
  • The fundraising is in aid of Save the Children. We definitely want to take part but we want to ensure no family feels pressure to buy jumpers for the day. Therefore, we are going to call this Xmas accessory day where we can all wear tinsel, baubles, Xmas hats, or jumpers if we have them. You could add some Xmas items to an existing jumper to make it more seasonal. Normal school uniform applies underneath please! Voluntary donations can be made via Just Giving. Ordinarily we ask for donations of £1 so please contribute if you can.
  • Here is the charity donation link:
    Week commencing 14th December – Xmas movies will be playing in both canteens:
    Years 8 – 10 at both break times AND in the gym for Year 7 for the whole week.

Merry Xmas everyone!


M Dennis

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