The Elderflower Challenge

Year 7 HPA Challenge

With early summer upon us, our Year 7 students accepted our Elderflower Challenge with great enthusiasm.

The students were separated into groups, and were encouraged to make and enjoy the bounty from the Elder Tree – the Elderflower cordial. The groups identified the Elder tree, picked their own Elderflowers and made their own Elderflower cordial to take home and enjoy.

They are continuing to work on their projects in groups of five over the next week, projects which include aspects from many areas of the curriculum:

  • How Do You identify the Elder Tree? (Science / Geography / Art)
  • Describe How to make Elderflower cordial (Science / Food Tech / Maths)
  • How does the Method Work? (Science / Food Tech)
  • Money Money Money! Some of the facts behind the Elderflower industry, which is worth over £26 million (Maths and Business Studies)
  • Marketing and Design – product brand names and logos (Art / Business)
  • The Elder Tree in folklore, History, RCS, Music, and also in other cultures.

Next week will see the groups completing and presenting their projects. Well done to all groups so far!


R McDermott and B Dunstan

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