Visit by Author, Leyland Perree

On Wednesday 18th January we had the pleasure of hosting Leyland Perree, a children’s author who lives locally and who has written many children’s books with fun wordplay, visual gags, melodic rhyme and memorable characters. The focus for Leyland’s visit was story building and he was going to work with a group of Year 7 students and Miss Entwistle.

During a 3 hour session the students worked on genre, story ideas, setting, characters, conflict & resolution, and plots. The students were split into 4 groups, as each group was given an A3 story planning table which was to be filled in during the sessions. The students were very keen to develop a good structure for their story, thinking carefully and creatively about their characters and setting. Students were engaged throughout the sessions, and loved receiving a signed book of their choice at the end of the day.

The students are so enthusiastic about their experience that they are going to turn their writing plans into short stories and we are going to publish these in the next edition of the school magazine, The Deano.


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