‘We Care’ Fundraising

A reduced R rate, along with the use of lateral flow tests, allowed us to return back to school to see our friends and teachers again. Although lessons via Microsoft Teams were fun too, seeing each other in person has made the difference to so many. The laughter in the playground is just a bit louder than it has perhaps been before.

Young carers and pupils with bereavement especially, have found these unprecedented times challenging and we would like to support where we can. As a school, we recognised this a couple of years ago, and albeit a project which started off for allowing experiences, has transformed into memories to be made. Young people have shaped the direction of support provided by either attending one of the support groups, running the support group or sharing ideas of what we could do next in order to recognise the needs of each individual. Students can access these groups, when and if required.

As there is no government funding for this, we have fundraised and received such kind donations from the community. Our most recent event was supported by Tamar Fresh; put together by our in-house catering team and were delivered as our Halo boxes. This time, Tesco has supported us by donating some of the contents of our Easter ‘Hug in a Mug’, to which we are ever so grateful- indeed ‘Every Little Helps’. I would like to say a huge thank you to Tesco, for contributing to such a lovely Easter gift! We are planning on running another fundraiser very soon.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing efforts to support our Young Carers and children who have suffered from bereavement, you can do so via the account details below:

Reference: WE CARE
Account no. 43599168
Sort code: 309458

You can also make donations via ParentPay under the heading ‘WE CARE’ and have got the possibility to donate an amount of your choice.

We wish you all a restful Easter period, where we are hopefully allowed to see some more of our loved ones from April 12th. Stay safe.


V Koehler-Lewis

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