Who Ate All the Pies

The Science Department were fortunate to have the assistance of students from Pomphlett, Wembury and Hooe to investigate the mystery of who stole the Science department’s pies. Prime suspects were Mr Dunstan, Mr Carder and Mr McDermott.

The thief left evidence at the scene of the crime, including a gloating note, fibres from his popping shirt and finger prints.

The detectives enthusiastically analysed the ink from the pen using chromatography, took fingerprints of themselves, all the suspects and those found at the crime scene, and used microscopes to compare fibres from different shirts. Finally  – armed with the evidence and its interpretation from our expert witnesses, we conducted a trial. Despite some very damming evidence, there was a hung jury. So, under the rules of double jeopardy, the thief is free to do it all again next year.

Well done to all the students who took part so enthusiastically and made the event so much fun. We hope to see them return for more activities through the summer. 


R McDermott

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