Working Together for a Better Environment 

From Monday 9th September, we are introducing Red Litter Days to ensure that the beautiful grounds at Coombe Dean School are protected from litter.  The prize will be a better working environment and real-life lessons for students in the importance of taking responsibility for the world around them.

On Red Litter Days, I will inspect the grounds to ensure that they are rubbish-free at the end of break and lunchtime.  If any rubbish is found, the mid-morning snack facilities in the school canteen will be closed on the next day.

If it is necessary to close the canteen for mid-morning break, we will inform parents. Students will be able to bring in their own snacks.  Our canteen will be open as usual at the start of school and at lunchtime, serving a wide range of satisfying and nutritious food.

As well as the challenge of Red Litter Days, Coombe Dean is making changes to encourage caring for the environment.  Staff will work with the Student Senate to find new ways in which we can protect our beautiful grounds at Coombe Dean from litter.  Students who demonstrate public-spirited behaviour, such as picking up litter, will be rewarded.


Richard Woodland – Headteacher

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