Year 7 and 8 Cricket Match Report

Coombe Dean’s Years 7 and 8 Team made excellent progress as they competed in their second two games of the season. Their first game was against Hele’s School, and resulted in a rare 82-82 draw. Both teams played really well and the game came down to the last ball when Hele’s managed to run twice to tie the game.

The team had made swift progress, improving in four key areas. Batting was generally excellent, with many students hitting boundaries and having to retire to let other students bat. They also batted well as pairs, communicating well to run in many singles – which proved essential as the game proceeded.

Bowling improved massively with wide balls, (penalised as 2 runs) becoming very rare with many wickets being taken. Fielding improved, with students backing each other to stop batters running.

The team played well together, and their new Captain, Josh, was excellent at organising batting and bowling order – using the best players while making sure everyone got a chance. Other highlights are Fahad and Ollie from Year 7, and Nathan from Year 8, who batted excellently and had to retire. Everybody bowled well, with swift improvements from Josh and Ty at pivotal moments in the games.

The students went from strength-to-strength as they played their second game against DHSB. They won this game, with excellent batting, bowling and above all, teamwork.

A great night of Cricket was had. The team trains again tonight, where they plan to work on bowling down the offside, and walking in while fielding.

New players are welcome to attend from Year’s 7 and 8. Training takes place on the Coombe Dean Astro Turf from 3-4pm.


J Grenney

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