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Coombe Dean School

Coombe Dean School

Coombe Dean School

Both Coombe Dean Teams Have Officially Completed Ten Tors 2022!

Report from our 55 mile team:

"We finished at 15:06, which is way sooner than we expected.

Throughout the event we walked with a handful of other 55 teams and met some pretty cool people. One of our scouts dropped out on the Saturday, but other than that the rest of the team made it through. It was a rough couple of days, but by some miracle we achieved a reasonably early finish.

We camped in between checkpoint 6 (Peat Cot) and checkpoint 7 (Postbridge).

Thanks to @armytentors for running the event and to everyone else for following us on this journey of pain and misery.


Jamie, Joel, Sam - Coombe Dean 55 Team"

Well done to both Coombe Dean teams for your efforts this weekend. Your school community is incredibly proud of you!