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Coombe Dean School

Coombe Dean School

Student Bursaries

After the age of 16 students no longer receive Pupil Premium funding or help with travel costs. Instead, we are able to access a post 16 bursary. A bursary is money that we can use to help you to pay for things like:

  • clothing, books and other equipment for your course
  • transport and lunch on days you study or train
  • school trips, visits or additional opportunities

If you think you may need this support please read the below Bursary Guidance and Booklet carefully and then, if you believe you are eligible, fill out the application form. Bring this to the Post 16 office where we can process your application. 

Please be aware that, if you travel to school by bus, you will need to apply and pay Devon County Council for a bus pass. On some routes, spaces are limited and students will need to apply for a vacant seat or make other arrangements to get to school. We advise you to get this sorted at the earliest possible date as we will expect you to have made arrangements to be able to get to school on time every morning when your courses start in September.