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Coombe Dean School

Coombe Dean School

Coombe Dean School

School Uniform

Academic Uniform 

  • A plain black blazer 

  • A white, formal shirt with a collar and buttons to the top 

  • The Coombe Dean tie. This should always be worn at collar height and should be of reasonable length 

  • Black tailored school or suit style trousers. There should be no tapering (getting thinner) or flaring (widening) towards the ankle.  Trousers that are skinny fit/skin-tight, denim, made of heavy cotton material, contain Lycra, or similar stretchy / elastic fabric that would cause them when worn to look skin tight/tapered are not permitted. 

  • School Skirt – Kelso Tartan Kilt in Royal Multi colour. 

  • Black, tailored, knee length school shorts.

  • Sturdy plain black shoes (not boots or sandals). Footwear of other colours are not to be worn. 

  • Black or white ankle socks; black or navy blue tights. Knee-length socks are not permitted.

The Coombe Dean V-neck jumper with the school badge is optional.  If purchased, it must be worn under the blazer and not instead of. No other item should be worn under the blazer. 

The only jewellery allowed in the school is one plain stud earring in each ear and a watch. No other jewellery should be worn, including facial piercings. 

Hair must be of a natural colour. 

Nails should be trimmed and natural. 

If students have an issue with their uniform at any point during the year, they are required to bring in a note describing the issue and indicating when the item will be replaced. 

If students are not in the correct uniform, particularly at the starts of terms, they are likely to be in our Ready to Learn room while the school liaise with the family to resolve the uniform issue.  We do have a stock of loan items.   

Sports Uniform 

The PE Department operates according to Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport, published by the Association for Physical Education. Therefore, students will be required to remove all jewellery, tie their hair back, tuck in shirts, and tie shoe laces tightly. In the event of kit being misplaced, students will be expected to bring a note from home and a full change of suitable clothing to wear until the kit is either found or replaced.  Spare PE kit will be lent it this is not possible.  If students are excused from PE, they should bring a note explaining the reason and length of time for their non-participation in PE.  Students will still be expected to bring their kit so they are appropriately dressed for the facility they are in, as they must remain with their member of staff.  Students excused from PE lessons will take on other active roles within the lesson, aside from performer, such as a coach or official. 

All PE Kit and boots/trainers must be clearly named on the inside so that if lost it can be returned. 

All students should have: 

  • Midlayer – Royal blue and amber with CD logo 

  • Polo shirt – Royal blue and amber polo shirt embroidered with CD logo 

  • Socks – Long blue and amber football socks with CD name 

  • White ankle length socks 

  • Trainers – Any colour apart from BLACK, clean, with non-marking soles (not Astro Turf shoes) 

  • Boots – Boys – Football or rugby (safety studs only) 

  • Shin pads – For Hockey and Football 

  • Gum shield – For Hockey and Rugby 

AND one of the following: 

  • Shorts – Royal blue and amber embroidered with the CD logo 

  • Tracksuit Bottoms (slim) – Royal blue with CD logo  

  • Skort – Royal blue with CD logo  

  • Sports Leggings – Navy blue with CD logo 


If you are unsure of any items, please contact reception and a member of staff will be happy to help. 

Suggested Suppliers in Plymouth: 

School Online Shop 

Kit World 
Faraday Business Park 
Open until 17:00 
Phone: 01752 265533 

Trutex Schoolwear & More 
Unit 3 and 4, Billacombe Rd 
Mon to Sat until 17:00 (also open on Sundays in August)
Phone: 01752 491353