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Parent Voice Survey

Sharing the outcomes of our recent parent voice survey.

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Thank you for all your responses to our first parent voice survey which was open between September 29th and October 16th 2023. We have collated and analysed the responses and would like to share the headlines with you:

  • 89% agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at CDS.
  • 93% agree or strongly agree that their child feels safe at CDS.
  • 92% agree or strongly agree that CDS makes sure its students are well behaved.
  • 91% say their child has either never been bullied (66%) or that bullying has been dealt with quickly and effectively (25%).
  • 85% feel that they can access information about what their children are learning.
  • 87% have either never had to raised concern (20%) or have raised one and it has been dealt with properly.
  • 96% agree or strongly agree that CDS has high expectations for their child.
  • 89% find the Learning Overviews (reports) helpful – the majority of those who disagreed were in year 7 and have not yet received one of these.
  • 95% feel there is a good range of subjects available.
  • 94% say their child can take part in clubs and activities.
  • 89% feel that the school supports their child’s wider personal development.
  • 93% would recommend CDS to another parent.
    Where parents/carers have raised concerns or shared further information using the free text opportunities about where we can improve, these are being followed up in the appropriate department and some common issues have been discussed in more detail with the parent forum in order for us to respond appropriately. You may already notice some changes on our website to make it easier for families to find key information about what children are learning. As this survey was anonymous, it has not always been possible for us to address comments and concerns directly. In future surveys, you will be given the option to leave your name in order to enable a direct response.

Coombe Dean School’s Feedback Methods 

Parents/Carer Survey:   

A series of multiple-choice questions covering all aspects of school life with opportunity to give free text comment. 

Parents/Carer Forum: 

A meeting for members of the Parents/Carer Forum held in person at the school. The agenda for meetings of this group is informed by Parents/Carer Surveys. The Parent/Carer Forum is a closed group, selected to achieve the best spread of representation across our community. If you are interested in joining the Parents/Carer Forum, please contact Jane Cooper who will be able to let you know when/if there is an appropriate space available. The first meeting will be at the beginning of term 2 (Oct/Nov) and the agenda will be based on feedback from the Term 1 Parent Survey. 

Student Survey: 

A series of multiple-choice questions covering all aspects of school life. 

Student Voice: 

Student voice around learning and curriculum is gathered by teachers, subject leaders and the subject leadership team whenever we visit classrooms or conduct lesson observations.  

Students have the opportunity feedback through the Student Senate. The Senate is a group of students, led by a team of year 12 students (The Post 16 Senate) and supported by Mrs Osborn and Mr Jacks (Assistant Headteachers). Senate representatives are elected in September by tutor groups and meet termly in year group teams and biannually as a whole school senate. Representative feedback concerns and ideas from individuals and their tutor group to these meetings. They also contribute to a range of aspects of our school community, including fundraising and participating in interview processes for recruiting new staff. 


Coombe Dean School Feedback Schedule 2023/24 



September 2023 

  • Whole School Parents/Carers Survey* 

  • Whole School Student Survey* 

*Please note that this survey follows our Curriculum Information Evening during w/c 25th September and closes prior to our ‘Meet The Tutor’ event on w/c October 16th.  

October 2023 

  • Year 7 (Transition Reflections) Parents/Carers Survey 

November 2023 

  • Parents/Carers Forum Meeting 

  • Whole School Senate Meeting 

January 2023 

  • Year 11 Parents/Carers Survey 

  • Year 11 Student Survey 

February 2023 

  • Sixth Form (Years 12/13) Parents/Carers Survey 

  • Sixth Form (Years 12/13) Student Survey 

  • Year 8 Parents/Carers Survey 

  • Year 8 Student Survey 

March 2023 

  • Year 9 Parents/Carers Survey 

  • Year 9 Student Survey 

April 2023 

  • Year 7 Parents/Carers Survey 

  • Year 7 Student Survey 

  • Year 10 Parents/Carers Survey 

  • Year 10 Student Survey 

May/June 2023 

  • Parents/Carers Forum Meeting 

  • Whole School Senate Meeting 

Please note that each year group’s feedback window follows the scheduled parents’ evening events. The surveys will be sent to you via ClassCharts and will remain open for completion for 5 working days. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Emma Osborn - Assistant Headteacher

Charlie Jacks - Assistant Headteacher