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Coombe Dean School

Coombe Dean School

Forensic Reading

“Reading will prove the master skill of school, unlocking the academic curriculum for our pupils.” 

WeST Forensic Reading is designed to support the vision within the trust of ‘all students reading at – or above – an age-appropriate level’.  It is intended to support the mission of getting students to read more, read better and read for pleasure. 


Autumn Term 

Spring Term 

Summer Term 

Women, Suffrage and Misogyny 1 

Perception of Women 

Power 1 

Knowledge and Power 

Fragile Earth 1 

Ethics and Morality 1 


Women, Suffrage and Misogyny 2 

Power 2 

Power of Media 

Ethics and Morality 


Fragile Earth 1 

Women, Suffrage and Misogyny 3 



Women, Suffrage and Misogyny 

Marriage and Patriarchy 

Power 3 

Abuse of Power 

Fragile Earth 3 

These schemes of work aim to: 

  • Develop background knowledge and cultural capital 

  • Develop vocabulary 

  • Provide opportunities to meaningfully practise comprehension (and to a lesser extent decoding) by providing exposure to multiple texts   

  • Encourage students to extend their reading and to read independently for pleasure 

  • Develop oracy through structured talk 

  • Provide a model for teaching reading across the curriculum